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Decide if you will be using a software phone that runs on your pc or mobile device or will you be purchasing a converter to use your existing phones with our service

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Residential Lite: This service is great for home users..

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Residential Unlimited*: Unlimited phone service to US and Canada

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Business Unlimited*: Unlimited phone service to US and Canada.

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Use your mobile phone, Asterisk PBX, 3CX PBX, iPad, pc or existing home phone to connect to any other phone worldwide!
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VoIP My Way passes our saving on to our clients. We charge you the whole sale price + the usage tax. Basically you get it for what we pay.

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Fax to Email, Toll Free numbers, Additional numbers, E911, Asterisk PBX, Home Phone Converter and more.
How to use our service with a soft phone

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How to use our service with a converter like the linksys pap2 or pap2t

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VoIP My Way believes in allowing customers to bring any device they want. We offer you the customer the SIP credentials for your account so you can use your account as you see fit.

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